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Move-on from bi-focals to progressives with Essilor Spex.

Turning 40 can be quite a stressful experience for all of us. An inevitable part of the mid life crisis is the onset of Presbyopia- a natural condition that affects the eye due to which we have difficulty reading fine print, or seeing close up objects clearly.

The traditional answer to this problem is to use a pair of reading glasses or bifocals. Reading glasses are inconvenient if you need another pair of spectacles for seeing distances. Bifocals are known to cause "vision jumps”, apart from looking unattractive.

Fortunately today, we have the Progressive Lens- one that allows you to see all distances clearly with a single pair. What's more, there is no age-defining line in the middle, you look smart and feel younger. Get rid of the discomfort of the dividing lines of bi-focal lenses and move on to the progressive vision experience through Essilor Spex at an affordable price. 

Without the unflattering line in the middle, and clear uninterrupted vision at all distances, this is just the right lens for someone struggling with their bifocals.

So, do away with your old fashioned bifocals and take the forties head on!

      • Upgrade from the discomfort of the dividing lines of bi-focal lenses to the superior vision quality of Spex
      • Easy to adapt and provides excellent vision quality due to soft design
      • Also available as Spex Short which will get fitted in a smaller frame to suit your style

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