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Our vision is the most important thing we own. They are the window to the world around us. We need our eyes to experience everything that life has to offer.

But as oneages, our eyes start aging as well. If you happen to be around 40 years of age, Presbyopia is a perfectly normal phenomenon. It happens to all of us irrespective of gender, lifestyle or economic status. One common example of its onset is that you might find yourself adjusting your arm to read your morning newspaper.

To deal with this common eye ailment, people for a long time turned to the assistance of reading glasses lenses and bifocals. As a remedy, bifocals were never really the answer with all their drawbacks like no mid vision and image jump. Essilor resolved all the problems faced by presbyopes with one revolutionary solution- Varilux Progressive Lens.

Varilux has transformed the lives of presbyopes all over the world and has caused a shift in the world of ophthalmic optics.

Varilux isdesigned keeping the wearer needs and lifestyle and its constantly changing to benefit the wearer.

Varilux brings you a wide range of progressive lenses that are customized to your needs. Just like there are different outfits for different occasions, Varilux has lenses for all your day-to-day activities, tailor-made to fit your lifestyle needs.

Essilor invented the world's first Varilux progressive lens in 1959 and its still the leader in progressive technology. Till today, the reputation of Varilux hasbeen built on its track record of success and commitment to bringing you the latest optical developments. Which is why, every minute, there are 20 new Varilux wearers globally.

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